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Communities include: Alamitos Heights, Belmont Heights, Bixby Hill, Belmont Park, Bixby Knolls, Belmont Shore, Bluff Park, Downtown Hi-Rise Condos & lofts, Los Cerritos, Naples Island, Park Estates, The Peninsula, Virginia Country Club
Alamitos Heights Million Dollar Estates & Luxury Homes:

The neighborhood is one of the finest residential neighborhoods in the city of Long Beach, occupies a 150 acre area in east Long Beach. 

The neighborhood is in close proximity to Recreation Park Golf Course, Marine Stadium, Alamitos Bay, Marina Vista Park, Colorado Lagoon, CSULB, Veterans Administration Hospital and shopping, restaurants and entertainment. 

The quiet tree lined streets and larger, well landscaped lots contribute to a park like setting. The neighborhood has many older, well maintained homes which give it a warm character. Less than a mile from the beach, Alamitos Heights rises to a height of 90 feet above sea level. The prevailing westerly ocean breezes contribute to the neighborhoods milder temperatures and cleaner air.


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Alamitos Heights Homes For Sale Long Beach CA



Belmont Heights Million Dollar Estates & Luxury Homes:


Belmont Heights is a district in the south-east portion of the city of Long Beach, CaliforniaUnited States, bordering the Pacific Ocean and the more commercial community of Belmont Shore. The district commemorates the old City of Belmont Heights, which was incorporated in 1908 and annexed to Long Beach in 1909.[1] Belmont Heights' borders are Ocean Boulevard (and Livingston Drive) to the south, Redondo Avenue on the west, 7th Street to the North, and Nieto Avenue to the east. The area is mostly residential, but also has an active business district, the strip of Broadway east of Redondo Avenue.


The Belmont Heights Historic Landmark District includes homes between Seventh Street on the north, Fourth Street on the south, Newport Avenue on the west and Roswell Avenue on the east. A few properties located on Fourth and Seventh streets are included. The neighborhood was first subdivided and developed in the 1900s (decade). The oldest homes surviving today date from 1905. The predominant architectural style in the district is the Craftsman bungalow. Out of 304 homes surveyed, 206 are "contributing" Craftsman bungalows, and 125 of these are pristine unaltered examples. 


Other architectural styles found in the area that are considered contributing are VictorianMediterranean and Spanish Colonial RevivalTudor Revival and Neo-Traditional. The period of architectural significance for the district is 1905-39. Construction peaked in 1922. Most homes are single-family, with some duplexes and a few apartment houses. Thirty-seven of the homes surveyed were ranked as "noncontributing", or 13 percent. The district commemorates the old City of Belmont Heights, which was incorporated in 1908 and annexed to Long Beach in 1909. 


Feral Parrots A notable feature of Belmont Heights is its large population of feral parrots. In between Redondo Avenue and Livingston Drive along Ocean Blvd, amongst the palm trees, this large population of birds can be seen and heard by people for many houses. Some consider these animals to be a nuisance due to their rather vocal and loud sounds. However, the residents of Belmont Heights have grown to accept them as part of their community.

Belmont Heights homes and real estate for sale in Long Beach CA


Naples Island Million Dollar Estates & Luxury Homes:

Naples is a neighborhood of Long Beach, California, United States, built on three islands located in Alamitos Bay. The islands are divided by canals which open into the bay. Most of the streets on the island have Italianate names. The center of Naples features a large fountain which serves as a popular meeting spot.

One very popular Christmas-time event in Naples is the "Naples Island Christmas Boat Parade", with groups of decorated boats going through the canals of Naples and around Alamitos Bay past Belmont Shore. The parade has been held since 1946. Summer concerts are also a very popular event along with a Pancake Breakfast. 

Naples Island has some of the most expensive homes in Long Beach listing as high as $10,000,000. Living on Naples Island is such a pleasure as I have been a resident since 2003. We offer families a great community with its very own Naples Elementary School and walking distance to the Long Beach Yacht Club. There a quaint streets with small homes but if you want more ... you can choose to live on Alamitos Bay in one of the luxury estates. 


Naples Island Homes For sale
The Peninsula Million Dollar Estates & Luxury Homes:
One of the first structures on the Peninsula was an isolated duck hunting club located at the bayside end of what is now 61st Place.  The club was established at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century.  The first summer beach homes, primarily owned by residents of Los Angeles and Pasadena, were built in 1902-04.  Owners of these summer homes were able to reach the Peninsula by means of an interurban electric train that ran from Los Angeles to Newport Beach.  The train ran down the center of Ocean Boulevard the length of the Peninsula and then across a trestle connecting the east end of the Peninsula to Seal Beach.  

“The Pavilion,” which at various times during its history served as an expensive restaurant and roller skating rink, was established around 1910-12 at the oceanside end of 62nd Place, which was then called Pier Avenue.  Pier Avenue undoubtedly got its named from the pier that extended out into the ocean from The Pavilion.  The Pavilion and its pier burned down a few years before a massive hurricane swept across the Peninsula in 1939, destroying or causing significant damage to most structures throughout the Peninsula.

In the late 1920’s, Upton Sinclair, the social activist and Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Jungle, used one of the Peninsula’s summer homes as a writing refuge. Two kindred spirits, physicist Albert Einstein and actor Charlie Chaplin, are reported to have visited Sinclair during his stay on the Peninsula.

The Peninsula’s beautiful ocean beach was created with sand dredged from Alamitos Bay during marina construction in the 1950’s and 60’s.  Nature moves the ocean beach sand from east to west each year; in the Fall and Winter, the City moves it back to maintain a usable and safe beach width at its narrowest point from 62nd to 65th Place.

The Seaside Walk Boardwalk, which was built in the 20’s, is considered by residents to be a historical treasure.  Attempts to replace it with concrete have been strongly opposed by Peninsula residents over the years and, in the 1980’s, money was raised by residents to provide new surface boards (the City replaced the boards again in 2003).  

The Boardwalk is bordered by a sea wall that is set into the sand an average depth of 20 feet and which is anchored with rocks at several points along at its base.  The curves in this sea wall, and the Boardwalk, were caused by wave action prior to the creation of the current beach and the off-shore breakwater in the 1940’s.

The Peninsula has grown to encompass its current mix of single family homes, duplexes, condominiums and apartments.  Residents are a diverse group of families, singles and senior citizens who have been residents for decades.  The Peninsula continues to evolve, while at the same time retaining its unique environment and lifestyle.

The Peninsula Homes & Real Estate For Sale
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